Rikhav Gala

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M.Sc. Industrial Pharmaceutics
University of Central Lancashire,
United Kingdom

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Here is my message about my years in VES...
Working on the M.Sc. research project would never have been possible without the able teaching and guidance provided by all the teachers throughout my B. Pharm. at VES. My time in VES was certainly the best till now with so many memories.

Being the first batch of VES, we had a challenging time in the first year but which helped us a lot in the next three years which went on smoothly. The lectures conducted are so unforgettable every day at 9:15 am...!! The concepts taught in Pharmaceutics and Chemistry has helped me a lot, then and now. With all the topics covered in the lectures, and the notes provided, exam preparation became easy.

The most exciting part comes at 12:45 pm, when practical’s started. Practical’s were the best part of entire study with so many techniques to learn along with fun. These practical’s developed a liking for research and helped me peruse M.Sc. and further. Viva in each practical session were very imposing but at the end during the semester exam, these helped in more than many ways. Practicals without the very friendly technician and lab assistants were never complete who made us wash all the apparatus twice every time but helped us so many times during...

Principal and the teachers always supported me with all the IPA activities and encouraged participation in many competitions at different levels. It was a proud felling for me to represent VES at the IPA all throughout.
Lastly I cannot forget the wonderful friends which I have made at VES and especially from my class. So many lectures, practical’s, IV's with entire class has made friends for years to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at VES right from the VES Management, Principal, teachers and non-teaching staff for everything.
Best Wishes,


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