Elvis A. F. Martis

M. Pharm. Student
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Bombay College of Pharmacy, Kalina
Santcruz [E], Mumbai400098.
[University of Mumbai]

The journey of four years with V.E.S. College of Pharmacy was the most memorable one, which all of us will cherish for life. It was not only an educational institute which taught us Pharmacy, but it was our second home where we were nurtured to become good human beings. Unfortunately, in India Pharmacy is a profession of chance and not of choice, as many of us landed in to it just because we could not secure admission in to M.B.B.S., but the teachers of this institute with their brilliant experience and knowledge made us realise that we are in to an equally important profession. While many of us landed here by chance but few of these learnt that this was what we wanted to do and hence Pharmacy became our passion. And this change of mind is wholly credited to our beloved teachers. V.E.S. college of Pharmacy is taking excellent strides to develop itself as a strong institute and research centre for pharmaceutical sciences, is evident as it opened its M. Pharm. course as soon as the first batch was out and presently is equipped with almost all research facilities and instruments to training the post-graduates. The beginning of the construction of the new research wing is yet another evidence of its determination to become nation’s one of the best training and research institute. We will always owe our success to this institute and our teachers who put their sincere efforts to make us successful in life.


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